Mission, Vision, Values

Ray Bradbury Experience Museum in Waukegan, Illinois

RBEM Team members in front of the framed pic of Ray Bradbury, at Bradbury offices, 13 N. Genesee Street, Waukegan. From L-R: Chicago Exhibit Productions, Inc. team: Leslie Tenut, Keith Michalek, and Jonathan Wright. RBEM Committee members: John Wylie, Terry Fertig, Pat O’Keefe, Shai Lothan, Irene Edgar. Seated: Sandra Petroshius.


Our mission is to inspire imagination, and foster free-thinking and creativity through engagement in the universal themes and timeless works of Ray Bradbury.


We will honor Ray Bradbury with an experiential museum that goes beyond conventional practices and spaces, anchored in his hometown of Waukegan, Illinois, his celebrated “Green Town.” We will interpret the creative work of Ray Bradbury with integrity and innovation, immersive, transformative experiences. Our programming will educate the public on Ray Bradbury’s roots in Waukegan, his role in shaping the 20th century, and his vision for a better future.

Core Values

We are committed to:
 Integrity  Respect Cooperation  Creativity  Inclusion Historic Preservation  Care and Preservation of Artifact • Economic Development of our Community

Core Strengths

The core strengths that make us successful are:
• Ray Bradbury, his works, his legacy, and our passion for them.
• Our hometown connection to Waukegan, the Carnegie Library, and other local Bradbury sites.
Our strong partnerships with civic, community, professional, and academic individuals and organizations.
 Our location within the Chicago-Milwaukee corridor.

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