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Picture a Ray Bradbury experience where you can learn about Ray Bradbury and immerse yourself in the ideas from his hungry imagination – space exploration, Mars landings, dystopian societies, and nostalgic memories.

Picture a museum with interactive exhibits that will explore Bradbury’s vast literary legacy and his important literary themes –

• Good vs evil and the nature of tolerance
• Space exploration and the boundaries of human endeavor
• Time Travel, magic and technology
• Freedom of expression
• Tolerance
• Resisting censorship
• Love of books, storytelling, and libraries
• and much, much more!

In 2020, RBEM opens at 13 N. Genesee Street in downtown Waukegan, Ray’s hometown and the inspiration for so much of his writing!

The museum is being designed to engage visitors in Bradbury’s imagination through his stories. Exhibits will feature Bradbury’s themes of space travel, freedom of expression, comics, and more, using all media, including virtual and augmented reality.

“This immersive, imaginative museum is just what Ray Bradbury would have wanted,” said Pat O’Keefe, Committee member. Fans from all walks of life, including writers and movie directors, who were deeply inspired by Ray Bradbury are supporting the museum. Videos of their voices and stories are being preserved for future exhibits.

RBEM Committee


Christopher Foster, Factotum Graphics


Jonathan R. Eller, Ph.D., Director Center for Ray Bradbury Studies, IUPUI

Patrick Read Johnson, Writer/Director, Faculty, UNC School of Filmmaking

Richard Lee, Waukegan Public Library Foundation

Phil Nichols, Ph.D., Faculty of Arts, University of Wolverhampton, UK, Bradburymedia

Ty Rohrer, Cultural Arts Manager, Waukegan Park District

David Villalobos, Former Alderman 4th Ward, Waukegan

Sam Weller, Bradbury Biographer, Columbia College, Chicago

Greater Waukegan Development Coalition

Greater Waukegan Development Coalition Logo

RBEM is a program of the Greater Waukegan Development Coalition, a 501(c)(3) economic development organization.

Michael Edgar, President

Shai Lothan, Director of Real Estate Development

Caryn Kahn, Director of Communications and Celebrates


Greater Waukegan Development Coalition Logo

Our Vision


We’ll honor Ray Bradbury with an museum that goes beyond conventional practices, anchored in his hometown of Waukegan, IL — the celebrated “Green Town.” We will interpret the creativity of Ray Bradbury with integrity and immersive, transformative experiences. Our program will educate the public on Ray Bradbury’s roots, his role in shaping the 20th century, and his vision for a better future.


Our mission is to inspire imagination and foster free-thinking and creativity through engagement in the universal themes and timeless works of author, Ray Bradbury.


We are committed to:
Cooperation • Creativity • Inclusion • Historic Preservation • Care and Preservation of Artifact • Economic Development of our Community


The core strengths that make us successful are:
• Ray Bradbury, his works, his legacy, and our passion for them.
• Our hometown connection to Waukegan, the Carnegie Library, and other local Bradbury sites.
• Our strong partnerships with civic, community, professional, and academic individuals and organizations.
• Our location within the Chicago-Milwaukee corridor.


We, the daughters of Ray Bradbury, give our wholehearted support to your work in establishing a museum honoring our father in his hometown of Waukegan, Illinois. We are thrilled that our father’s legacy will have a permanent space to inspire future generations and expose his imagination and creativity to the world.

We also support your approach to create an experience-based museum with the emphasis on immersion in his timeless themes, such as the human condition, the future, and freedom of
expression, as expressed through his novels, science fiction, movies, and comics.

Thank you for the work and effort you all have put forth on this important project. We look forward to working with the Committee to bring this vision to fruition.

The Bradbury Daughters

Like many Waukeganites, I have a special place in my heart for Ray Bradbury’s literary works. I understand the value to society as a whole that Ray Bradbury holds, and have been able to share that with my fellow Waukeganites and others from differing communities.

David Villalobos

Former 4th Ward Alderman, City of Waukegan

As Mayor, I endorse the Ray Bradbury Committee’s plans to build a museum celebrating the life and work of this great author.

Sam Cunningham

Mayor, City of Waukegan

The group’s short and long-term plans seem to me visionary, do-able, and worthwhile.

James LaRue

Director, Office of Intellectual Freedom, American Library Association

The museum will be a shining addition in Waukegan’s arts attractions. It will be a highly attractive destination for local, regional, national, and international visitors of all ages.

Sally Foster

Chair, Waukegan Arts Council

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Ray Bradbury Experience Museum

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