Ray’s 101st Birthday Celebration in Green Town!

August 31, 2021

Old-fashioned lime-vanilla ice cream, boys playing in the ravine, Joe Mantegna, cake and more for Ray’s 101st birthday.

We welcomed visitors who came from near and far, including fans from California and Virginia, as together we joined in diving into Ray’s imagination on his101st birthday in Green Town.

Music, a Dandelion Wine performance, and “The Ravine,” an original short film showing Ray Bradbury Park today . . and cake!

Paul McComas bringing Dandelion Wine alive. He took us with Bradbury’s unforgettable characters Helen Loomis and William Forrester. They meet in the ice cream store, journey through time to Paris and beyond, and return to Green Town and their futures.

Charlie VanderKlipp presenting his original short film “The Ravine.” Inspired by “it was full of. . . boys” from The Halloween Tree, and the place where Ray played as a boy, he filmed boys finding the same magic as they play there today.

A very special thank you to actor Joe Mantegna for his heartfelt Ray Bradbury birthday greetings and treasured memories.

Thank you to RBEM volunteers who made this celebration possible: Orty Ortwein, Mary Ann Bretzlauf, Marjory Rankin, Terry Fertig , Charlize Cardenas, Michael Stoltz, Pat O’Keefe, Eddie Soto, Anthony Scibelli, Heloise Moran Pechan, Drew Guifarro, Christopher Foster, Mikayla Khramov, Michele Dimond, and Dominic Loise.


Watch Ray Bradbury, Moby Dick, and Dandelion Wine

Our in-person and online audience cheered RBEM’s re-opening event on June 5. If you missed it, here is a video recording of the hour-long event! Enjoy interviews and performances by Matt Ventimiglia and Paul McComas!


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