Wauke-Con Draws a League of Extraordinary Fans!

November 3, 2021

Bradbury and comics fans found fun and treasures at our 1st Comic Con in Ray Bradbury’s hometown. Waukegan’s native son Ray Bradbury, the renowned author of Fahrenheit 451, was both a lifelong comic book fan and comic book writer who attended the very first Comic-Con in San Diego, 1970. Here at Wauke-Con, visitors were treated to jewelry, rare and wonderful books, toys, and more.

Thank you to our creative exhibitors and all who attended! Your support of RBEM has made the 1st Wauke-Con possible.

Thanks to our RBEM volunteers and supporters.
They made Wauke-Con happen!

Orty Ortwein
Mikayla Khramov
Charlize Cardenas
Janet Corbin
Kady Debelak
Michele Dimond
Terry Fertig
Christopher Foster
Drew Guifarro
Justin Hamelin

Michael Natinsky
Pat O’Keefe
Heloise Moran Pechan
Angelina Porcayo-Alejo
Tom Senkpeil
Michael Stoltz
Greater Waukegan Development Coalition
Little Fort Media
Nightshade and Dark’s Pandemonium Brewing


Watch Ray Bradbury, Moby Dick, and Dandelion Wine

Our in-person and online audience cheered RBEM’s re-opening event on June 5. If you missed it, here is a video recording of the hour-long event! Enjoy interviews and performances by Matt Ventimiglia and Paul McComas!


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