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Best Wishes, Ray

Funding Goal: $8,500

Ray never failed to respond to his fans. Now people are sharing their own letters to Ray and his responses with RBEM!  In this exhibit, you’ll discover Ray’s personal side as you open Ray’s mailbox and read this fascinating, heartfelt correspondence.

What Fed Ray’s Hungry Imagination?

Funding Goal: $10,000

Whenever Ray needed inspiration, he turned to books from his immense personal collection, from diving into bookstores, and from his beloved libraries. In this highly visual exhibit, you’ll view images that sprung from reading. Then you’ll have a chance to feed your hungry imagination as Ray once did.

From a Toy Typewriter to more than 500 Stories

Funding Goal: $5,000

As a boy, Ray Bradbury found a toy typewriter under the Christmas tree and used it to write his first story. He went on typing for the rest of his life. This exhibit allows you to actually use replicas of his typewriters to capture your inspiration, just as Ray did.

Show RBEM in the Best Light

Funding Goal: $6,500

Even though RBEM opened on August 22, 2020, in downtown Waukegan, IL, we are still without exterior signage that features RBEM’s much-praised branding. Help us install a sign that shines out as a bright beacon of wonder and imagination for everyone to see.

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