Did you get a chance to meet Ray Bradbury?

Have his stories inspired you in some way?

Ray Bradbury Experience Museum presents, The I Met Ray Project.

We want to hear YOUR story. During Ray’s lifetime, he touched many peoples’ lives in different ways. Whether it was through a phone call, speaking event, fan letter, or simply a brief meeting, Bradbury friends and fans across the world have a unique story to share.

Michael Hathaway runs the Something Wicked This Way Comes-inspired bar, Nightshade and Dark’s Pandemonium Brewing Company, in Waukegan, IL. Here is his story about discovering Ray Bradbury.

Janet Sarsha shares her story about seeing Ray Bradbury speak at the dedication of Ray Bradbury Park.

Faith Clark learned how to bring the different cultures dividing her classroom together through Ray Bradbury and the Waukegan culture they all share.

Listen to Topacio Hernandez share her first Bradbury experience and how she had no idea Ray Bradbury had “such a love for the Mexican culture”.

It’s a small Bradbury world after all with the story of Dominic and Jenna. Their love story started off with a good conversation about Ray Bradbury. Years after lending a copy of The Illustrated Man in high school, Dominic found the same copy of the book in a used bookstore.

Beverly Cooper shares how Ray Bradbury inspired her as a young reader, and how she has used his themes in the classroom teaching film and performing arts during her career as an educator. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Cooper moved to Waukegan, IL to be a part of the “Green Town” community.

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