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Wauke-Con Draws a League of Extraordinary Fans!

Bradbury and comics fans found fun and treasures at our 1st Comic Con in Ray Bradbury's hometown. Waukegan’s native son Ray Bradbury, the renowned author of Fahrenheit 451, was both a lifelong comic book fan and comic book writer who attended the very first Comic-Con in San Diego, 1970. Here at Wauke-Con, visitors were treated to jewelry, rare and wonderful books, toys, and...

Ray’s 101st Birthday Celebration in Green Town!

Old-fashioned lime-vanilla ice cream, boys playing in the ravine, Joe Mantegna, cake and more for Ray's 101st birthday. We welcomed visitors who came from near and far, including fans from California and Virginia, as together we joined in diving into Ray’s imagination on his101st birthday in Green Town. Music, a Dandelion Wine performance, and “The Ravine,” an original short...

Watch Ray Bradbury, Moby Dick, and Dandelion Wine

Our in-person and online audience cheered RBEM’s re-opening event on June 5. If you missed it, here is a video recording of the hour-long event! Enjoy interviews and performances by Matt Ventimiglia and Paul McComas!

FREE Bradbury Posters & Brochures

FREE Bradbury Posters & Brochures

"How did I get from Waukegan, Illinois, to Red Planet, Mars?" Ray Bradbury asked that question in Zen in the Art of Writing ©1993, after the late spring of 1950 when The Martian Chronicles was published. Now Bradbury Landing on Mars, Dandelion Crater on the Moon, and...

Call for Volunteers

Call for Volunteers

The Ray Bradbury Experience Museum (RBEM) is looking for a number of dedicated volunteers to help with its overall development. In particular, we're hoping to recruit some people to help with general administrative work and marketing as well as processing RBEM...

Join Us at the RBEM Open House, August 22!

You're Invited to the RBEM Open House!  August 22, 2019 4:00PM - 6:00PM 13 N. Genesee St, Waukegan, IL 60085 It's our Capital Campaign launch! Come to the Open House to hear our plans for building and opening RBEM in August 2020. Meet Museum Design Team Preview...

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