Welcome to Green Town

The Ray Bradbury Experience Museum in Waukegan, Illinois

Open 2020

In Development Now!

The Ray Bradbury Experience Museum is the long-overdue tribute to Waukegan’s native son, Ray Bradbury, now underway in donated space at 13 N. Genesee Street. The museum is being designed to engage visitors in Bradbury’s imagination expressed through his stories and vision of a better world. Exhibits will feature Bradbury’s themes of space travel, freedom of expression, comics and more, using virtual and augmented reality.


Your Gift Makes a Difference!

“ ... I have been writing about a small boy in the near future who runs into an audio-animatronic museum ... and then addresses Plato.” — Ray BradburyDear Friends, The “near future” that Ray Bradbury envisioned is arriving! The Ray Bradbury...

Future Ray Bradbury Experience Museum in the News!

Online news articles from a variety of newspapers about the Ray Bradbury Experience Museum, and its development! Click the titles for links to the original article on the newspaper's website. This page will be updated as more news about us is...

Follow RBEM at the Saugatuck StoryFest!

Ray Bradbury Experience Museum is exhibiting at the Saugatuck Story Fest in Westport, Connecticut, October 12–14, 2018! During the festival, RBEM will exhibit along with over 100 authors representing mystery, sci-fi, thriller, and YA (young adult)...

Happy Birthday, Ray Bradbury!

Let’s give Ray Bradbury the museum he deserves! Join this celebration of Ray Bradbury’s legacy. With your help, Ray Bradbury will “live forever.” Join so many others who daily are donating in-kind services, expertise, other volunteer time, as well...

The Bradbury legacy deserves more

Let’s build the Ray Bradbury museum now! They said he painted his house yellow because it reminded him of dandelions in Green Town. In the basement of that house, Ray Bradbury wrote “Something Wicked This Way Comes” and over 500 stories, plays, and...


Volunteers from Waukegan, Arizona, California, Indiana, the UK and beyond are contributing their talents
to RBEM. They’re involved
in marketing, art, education, photography, writing, social media, and exhibits. There’s a volunteer role for you.


When RBEM opens, you’ll enter unique, interactive, even transformative, exhibits
that will immerse you
in Ray Bradbury’s imagination. Your gift will help build these highly visual experiences.


“We’re all of the same family that exists throughout history to explain ourselves to one another,” said Ray Bradbury. What’s your story “to explain?” Maybe you met Bradbury or have a letter he sent you. Maybe his ideas influenced you in a special way. RBEM is actively seeking those stories.
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