Welcome to Green Town

The Ray Bradbury Experience Museum in Waukegan, Illinois
Exhibiting at Comic-Con
International: San Diego
July 19 – 22, 2018
San Diego Convention CenterBooth #I-02

Open 2020

in “Green Town”



RBEM will be in the spotlight at San Diego Comic Con July 18–22. Its’ a great opportunity to tell the world that the Ray Bradbury Experience Museum is in the works. Go to our just-launched GoFundMe site for a SNEAK PEEK of RBEM’s first exhibit area. Donate today to help build it!

Join the Experience

Volunteers from Waukegan, Arizona, California, Indiana, the UK and beyond are contributing their talents to RBEM.
They’re involved in marketing, art, education, photography, writing, social media, and exhibits.
There’s a volunteer role for you.

Build the Experience

When RBEM opens in 2020, you’ll enter unique, interactive — even transformative — exhibits that will immerse you
in Ray Bradbury’s imagination. Your gift will help build these AR, VR, and highly visual experiences.

Share Your Experience

“We’re all of the same family that exists throughout history to explain ourselves to one another,” said Ray Bradbury.
What’s your story “to explain?” Maybe you met Bradbury or have a letter he sent you. Maybe his ideas influenced you in a special way. RBEM is actively seeking those stories. Take this opportunity to learn more. Contact RBEM today!
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