Imagine where Ray Bradbury’s stories come alive in Ray’s hometown: Waukegan, IL.

Martian Chronicles, Fahrenheit 451, Something Wicked This Way Comes.

A journey through the mind of a great American writer: Ray Bradbury.

THE FUTURE  We’re building an interactive museum that immerses visitors in Ray Bradbury’s imagination and stories, anchored in his hometown of Waukegan, IL, his celebrated “Green Town.”

NOW  RBEM is open for visitors. Watch this page for scheduled openings or make an appointment.


Thank you to all who generously contributed during our #GivingTuesday and Holiday
appeals. As we bring Ray Bradbury’s imagination to life in Green Town, we have engaged
students and adults of all ages, some who are fans and others who arrive curious and
quickly become fans. Many arrive because they have read Dandelion Wine or Something
Wicked This Way Comes and want to experience that connection in the heart of the town
that is captured in those stories. They go on to discover Bradbury’s love of comics, space
exploration, freedom of expression, his own works in the movies, his stories about Mexico, and so much more. A writer from Texas emailed us saying, “Thank you so much for
celebrating this precious human being who taught me how to fly with words.”

We thank you for your support as we continue our work to celebrate Ray Bradbury’s
legacy and imagination in his hometown.


RBEM is temporarily closed from January 1 to January 31. Stay connected with RBEM on social media.

For Ray Bradbury virtual sessions, interviews, “I Met Ray” videos, and more, go to Ray Bradbury Experience Museum’s YouTube channel.

Wauke-Con Draws a League of Extraordinary Fans!

Bradbury and comics fans found fun and treasures at our 1st Comic Con in Ray Bradbury's hometown. Waukegan’s native son Ray Bradbury, the renowned author of Fahrenheit 451, was both a lifelong comic book fan and comic book writer who attended the very first Comic-Con in San Diego, 1970. Here at Wauke-Con,...


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