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The Ray Bradbury Experience Museum in Waukegan, Illinois

Ray Bradbury Experience Museum

Launches Capital Campaign

Let Ray Live Forever

in His Hometown

Jump with us!

Help RBEM get its wings!

A Museum for You and for Everyone!


Herbie Knott/The Sunday Times/Camera Press/Redux

“How did I get from

Waukegan, Illinois, to

Red Planet, Mars?”

Ray Bradbury, Zen in the Art of Writing

You did it! Thank you!

Photo by Alan Light 1975.

Photo by Alan Light 1975.

On Ray’s 100th birthday, you helped launch his hometown museum. You attended. You donated. You celebrated Ray Bradbury’s 100th Birthday with us in Green Town! You were thrilled to watch the virtual walkthrough with our future plans.

Now everyone can help grow RBEM into the full interactive, transformative museum Ray Bradbury would have loved!

Coming soon! How to order RBEM Centennial and other Ray Bradbury souvenirs. RBEM “Plan your visit” information. News of events, programs, and more!

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Volunteers from Waukegan, Arizona, California, Indiana, the UK and beyond are contributing their talents to RBEM. They’re involved in marketing, art, education, photography, writing, social media, and exhibits. There’s a volunteer role for you! Pictured from left to right: Terry Fertig, Patrick O’Keefe, Irene Edgar, Orty Ortwein, John Patrick Mullins, Johnathan Mullins, Sandra Sarsha Patrocious, Keith Michaelek, Vance D. Wyatt.


When RBEM opens, you’ll enter unique, interactive, even transformative, exhibits that will immerse you in Ray Bradbury’s imagination. Your gift will help build these highly visual experiences.


“We’re all of the same family that exists throughout history to explain ourselves to one another,” said Ray Bradbury. What’s your story “to explain?” Maybe you met Bradbury or have a letter he sent you. Maybe his ideas influenced you in a special way. RBEM is actively seeking those stories. Take this opportunity to learn more!

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